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Akron Belting's Capabilities And Equipment

Akron Belting strives to be the best equipped conveyor belt company out there with the largest inventory, the most diverse set of equipment and the most qualified staff.

Our 84” slitter allows us to slit up to 84” wide conveyor belts, the widest available in our area.

We can add hot air welded V-guides to your conveyor belt top or bottom of type A, B, C or D in white or black. And we guarantee that our V-guide will be place on the conveyor belt where it is supposed to be.

We warm our cleats before hot air welding them to your conveyor belt, to insure a straight and precise placement of the cleat. Cleats are available from ¾" to 4” in either black or white. Unlike other conveyor belt producers we use consistent spacing on our cleats all along the belt and don’t leave an unevenly spaced extra cleat at the end, saving you money.

With Akron Belting you have a wide variety of options for assembling belt together. Including:

  • Traditional Lacing
  • Plastic Spiral Lacing
  • Plastic Rivet Lacing
  • Single Finger Splicing
  • Double Finger Splicing
  • Skives
  • Sewing

Our greatest capability is our experience. You don’t need to be a conveyor belting expert because we are. We have the expertise and experience to suggest the highest quality, cost effective solution for your conveyor belting need.

If you need to replace a conveyor belt, we can usually determine what you currently have from your description. That’s experience.

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