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Akron Belting has over 100 Years of Belting Knowledge

Akron Belting was founded in 1989 by Joseph Clark after 15 years of experience in the belting industry.

Joe, working with his colleague and friend, Mark Brotherton, saw the need and put together a plan for a quality, specialized light weight belt house to serve the market.

Mark brought his own 8 years of experience in the belting industry and continues to serve as the Senior Sales Executive.

Jayne Warren, who has also been a part of the Akron Belting team since the company started, is the first of the knowledgeable and experienced voices you usually hear when you call on the phone.

Kevin Kornowsky, the shop manager who has been with Akron Belting since 1991, is an expert in belt design and construction.

With the addition of Joe Mentzer at the helm, Akron Belting is ready to supply all your needs, when you need them!

All together the management team at Akron Belting has over 100 years of belting knowledge to apply to your project.

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