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Akron Belting's Large Diverse Inventory

With over 80 different types of belting in stock and on site, Akron Belting can usually turn around your belting order within one to two days.

If we don’t have your particular belt in stock, our years in the industry have forged a large network of relationships that allow us to access and purchase any belting material you need quickly.

All of our inventory is inspected BEFORE it is even put on the shelf.

As a regular customer we will even keep your specific belting in stock on contract.

Our diverse set of belting on site includes
but is not limited to:

  • Polyurethane belting
  • PVC belting
  • Rubber belting
  • Teflon belting
  • Fiberglass belting
  • Nylon core belting
  • And Covered belting.

We work with only the highest quality suppliers including:

  • Aarubco
  • Ammeraal
  • Beltservice
  • Habasit
  • Mulhern
  • Sampla
  • UBR
  • And many more!

We will also work with your specific supplier if you have a preference.

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